Thursday, October 15, 2015

FOUR o' clock. The bright, slanted light that shrouds the October world outside, comes in through the glass sunroom, imbuing the house with magical light, and a sense of well-being and purity and feelings of joy. This light must had been blessed by God since the beginning of all beginnings.

October light must possess some magical qualities to it... it brings new thoughts to our minds, and it brings into our lives a new way of thinking, new points of view and ways to approach life. It is a healing kind of a light. One that pulls me outside time after time, compelling me to set aside whatever it is I'm doing and just let myself be embraced by it, by its captivating, joyful glow.

I am enamored. Autumn has come into my life, filling it up with little pieces of joy like sparkles of glitter. I love how the world appears under this autumnal light, how the birds seem to fly swathed in joyfulness, as they congregate by the birdfeeders carrying new songs under their wings. How lovely. How marvelous these days are at any time of day.

How lovely the towers of trees paneling both sides of the freeway as we road towards a neighboring town this morning. Trees are subtly changing colors. Every leaf speaks to me. Hovers on them some pain, some beauty. I recognize my old soul tattooed on them. But I can still find beauty in them.

Does people notice these things when driving on these crowded freeways? Do they pay attention to their surrounding, as much as they pay attention to themselves, their texting and to whatever others have to say or think about them?

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