Friday, January 2, 2015

Rain has accompanied us throughout the end of the year, and even now at the beginning of the New Year the skies wear the color of my heart— intense and leaden with fears of the unknown.  I am the ghost behind the window; the child looking out, gathering up stars in ragged skirts before the last light goes off… running against time, and if I could, imprisoning time too, that I may prolong that sparkle which started it all; retain it forever, retain those I hold so dear to my heart beyond the tremors of tomorrow.  Oh Father that I may see your footprints stamped on eternity—a breath of hope.  Do you not see them walking along that unstoppable, frightening road, oh Lord?  The road of life.  Do you not see my heart?  Would you not read within its fragile lines?  In the safety of Thy hand I leave them that I may see them again when my eyes see them no more, over the inevitable horizon when my heart will feel lonesome and my body weak with sorrow.  I am frightened.  I am the child abandoned to her own qualms.  The window of life.  I am standing behind it.  I see it—see them see the road ahead.  And I am frightened by what I see.

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  1. I am glad you found my blog so that in turn I could find yours. I love this .........a good writer you are.