Saturday, March 8, 2014

March 8, 2014

Been here and there traveling with my husband these last few couple of weeks; enjoying the freedom of one's self, and the warmth and goodness of this new place and home and the solitude and time spent with God—blessings and dreams surely come true.

I am in awe and in total humbleness and thankfulness to my Heavenly Father. Hard to believe where I was with my life merely a year ago; working under the wrath of a passive-aggressive boss who wickedly plotted against me after 13 years of exemplary work and dedication… and always daydreaming my day away in order to survive, wishing I had all that which I have today.  Freedom from bondage of the wicked and freedom from a job that made me terribly miserable for so long. 
Who would have thought it then? Yes, dreams do come true. And also something else sires: “But if you do what is wrong, you will be paid back for the wrong you have done” (Colossians 3:25). Oh yes, I have a mighty Avenger indeed. But you didn’t know that then, did you?  Certainly, what goes around comes around, so excuse me, your life is waiting.  I can't say how long it will take, but wait and see.   I’d already seen you weeping.

Our Universe is a very sensitive energy field and whenever we make a choice to think, feel, speak or act in a certain way, we are emitting energy into this field that must return to us in comparable form…

May the principle of cause and effect serves as your own personal 'boomerang'… for whatever we put out there for others will assuredly return to us.

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