Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

I cannot wish for better days, or lovelier weather; so exquisite with chilly mornings and soft sunshine throughout the day; with nippy nights closing up as early as 5:30pm. By four, sunshine starts turning into a misty fairydust of a light; like a feathered vision of some sorts, the atmosphere gets imbued with itty bitty creatures that seems to glow and dance in the mellow afternoon light. It's the magical light of autumn.

My husband is coming 'home' to the house in the roses this Thursday. I'm excited. My heart is overflowing with mixed emotion, as we're finally getting closer to a definite move. One more week, and we'll be parting away from our home of 28 years; leaving behind some very dear people. I am shocking out of emotion as I write this. If I could I would shut my mind and my heart for a little while... if by doing so I could quieted my sadness away. What can I say? I truly want to believe with all my heart that we're following the path that God has called us to walk. May quietness and trust enhance my awareness of His presence.

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