Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2, 2013

Sunny, delightful days surrounded by such a wonderful milieu... wonderful and enchanting to all my senses—a scenery so unusual and extraordinary everywhere you look, and walk and breath and all under a most wonderful and magical canopy of greens and birds of blues and reds. And there are also those remarkable morning songs and curious night whispers too... songs, or hymns of Nature, made by Nature... of small animals and unrecognizable birds... melodies which I had never heard before. I am enchanted. I am sheltered by the magic of the Appalachian Mountains. And everything there is feels so different and so unique and so wonderful... different and special in its own way—always so green and alive with sunshine and life and Nature.  

I cannot ask for anything better or a better place to be or better people to be surrounded by as a matter of fact... people ever so cordial and warm and so given to this fascinating thing called "Southern hospitality". Can I love this place any more? Ah I am in the right place. My soul is at home and it knows it too. I shiver and amaze at the thought of it all... at how my Heavenly Father, who knows my little heart so well and so deep, had us brought here from all places... a place never thought of, or dream of, or imagined the possibility of ever living here... Looking back at it now it all makes sense... I am dumfounded, and it is almost miraculously, really... miraculous, and inexplicably the way this transition took place... but God is an all knowing God, and He had planned and staged it all so well for us... in a strange and marvelous way.

I can't deny that I miss my girls terribly, and I harbor in my heart this rare blend of nostalgic and absorbing yearn for those wintry autumnal days of burgundy giant oaks and chilly breezes of the North. And I confess that very deep in my heart I hold this secret longing for a garden I once knew and loved; crimson colors of wine-red and maroon carving its floors with quietness and peacefulness. But I am at peace.

My little heart feels warm and happy. And I am forever thankful.

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