Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 19, 2013

I love this time of the year. The autumn season makes my little heart burst with wonder, and admiration and enchantment and everything there is in life that's good and honest. It is so wonderfully quiet here in my precious garden; so lovely and glorious it looks all wrapped up in garments the colors of fairytales, that my soul shivers and words falter in finding the right words to express the earnest and humblest feelings of the heart.

A mellow and peaceful place to be—the garden under the autumnal sun. And so full of hope it is, that it is almost like having climbed some magical stairs all the way up to heaven. And I am now standing in the middle of this sanctuary where angels and invisible beings walk, and talk among themselves and watch in wonder.

Standing in the middle of this cathedral, I should say, where life and death congregate and dance in unison as autumn marks the transition from summer into winter, fills me to the core with awe and veneration. I walk on holy ground. I'm sure.

And what a treasure it has been... to be able to yet partake of another season near my garden; and be able to take with me all those precious moments spent here down this unmarked and unwalked journey ahead of us, as we prepare to part and engage in new beginnings; to nurture me, and help me grow in goodness and kindness.

Ad then there was also spring, and summer too. Here... here of all places, free to run and go as I'd pleased for most of the 24 hours of my days... no creature to disturb me, or tell me what to do. How blessed I have been. And how blessed I am to have a heart that understand its own blessedness...

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