Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3, 2013

Changes... so many changes happening in my life. Time to ponder and time to wonder and ask questions that perhaps, can only be answered in another lifetime? And then... then there's that delusion—that treasured dream from so long ago, now turned reality. A most awkward genuineness to me; for who would have thought the magnitude of disconcert? What to do? What voice to hear what heart to follow?
And there's that green... green place of my dreams calling us now. Green is the color in which that little town wraps itself with; idyllic and bucolic; always kissed by soft evening rain, and pastoral silence. Steam fog comes on bird feet. It sits upon the land looking over low slopes and river areas on silent haunches and travels upon invisible wings and moves on to give way to the minuscule stars that would soon follow; disseminating upon the land—one by one and have no other name than "fireflies". First one, then two... first just a few of them and before the night would have time to fully descend, it is magically lighten by minuscule dots of brightness so sweet; a glow so wispy and wonderful.... the ground is kissed by deer footprints too, and the shadows of tall laurel oaks and sycamore and words just falter, and I cannot fully express how lovely all is... Yet, I find myself unable to freely accept such changes; for I am leaving behind some very dear people... and the place I have known as our home for almost 30 years. And how will I miss my garden... this little garden of my soul... so pure, so teeny, so enormous... so apt to give and give and give... Oh dears, my little smiling heart is breaking...

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