Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 20, 2013

It rained all day yesterday. Rain and thunder. And finally, towards the end of the day, a strong rushing blast of wind galloped through the garden with a loud laughter; lifting a column of pink tassels winding into the sky—myriads of rose petals. It swirled, and hissed, spitting vestiges of leafy remains all over it's floors. I don't like wind. Wind strings around my heart a shadow of fear. Its voices I hear—daunting charms in the mid-day air; snarled fingers in the labyrinth of my hair. But then, by early morning it had left us. And again, the garden turned into the peaceful oasis that it usually is. The silence was astonishing. There were hardly anything moving. There were no birds, and the leaves of trees and bushes simulated the calmness and sootiness of a pleasant dream... just this immense and comforting silence, and this sun-flooded garden of mine.

The whole sight jog my memory; inexorably reminding me of what has been happening with my life this year. It reminded me of those dark stormy early days of January and February. And how dark, and utterly angry they were. Frightening darkness washed over me. How could I had faced another month living under such desperate darkness and distrust of life? And how far has my lovely Father taken me... ushering me to walk with Him along paths designed uniquely for me... and how different things are now. How absolutely wonderful the days are. Oh I want to capture them in the palm of my hands, make them eternal; make them last, I want to swallow up my days whole, dress up in daylight and make night disappear, so that I can prolong this joy; this strange and unfamiliar bliss... oh, I am... I want to be wholesome inside! Blessedly revived from yesterday's gloom, sunshiny; instead of all dark, and stuffed up with black memories.

I am a resplendent swallowtail butterfly; a flittering wisp of eternal joy—what I shall be. I am a butterfly beseeching to land on the open hand of my dear Friend; sticking to Him as with the cobalt Velcro of tiny thorny feet; a butterfly bonking into God repeatedly as my wings whirl and dance time and again by the shout of His love.

I am in total awe. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

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