Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1st, 2013

June... this is the month of June. Month of enchantment... Of little flowers-like wisps of fairy wings... and turquoise gemstones-like sapphire blue eggs and baby Robins hatching...

I love the month of June. Love its brightness and gentleness, love the miracle of life; brought forth with such power from apparent death by God's inexplicable and almighty creative force. My lips lack words; thoughts cannot stretch enough beyond logic and comprehension... for this amazing power is beyond all comprehension. So I'll just sit back and accept it. Accept all the colors and scents and rose petals beauty and trails of honey-dew perfume, and dust and iridescent wings and every itty bitty wisps of creatures with hoof-like feet and the such that the month of June brings.

It is magic. It is magical!

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