Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 14, 2013

Morning—I am the owner of my mornings, as the world lays before me; new and wholesome, when I jog, slowly, as in a dream. With each step, and each breath I take, as my lungs expand, my soul sings a quiet song of thankfulness and recognition of God's mercies, and goodness, and everything that's good and worth of praise. And there, in the freshness of the new day lays so much possibilities, so much beauty, and kindness and righteousness... I can hardly believe how much things have change in my life after the hurricane of predicaments with which I began my year. And how can I lift up my eyes to the heavens, if it is not to give thanks with an open heart, and a gratified spirit? For I have been given stillness of mind, and the antidote to fight fear, and I have been giving a renewed hope and the endowment of dreams, and a clean heart. Perhaps this is the water that brings life to the soul flowing through me, water siphoned through steady bedrock, filtered with promises of hope and eternal life; a cool, melodic laugh rising up as I trip my way down the path where my feet want to take me. Perhaps out of my belly shall flow rivers of living water.

As I turn on the path onto the last lapse of my trajectory, alas... creation sings in the voices which fill the morning air. They seem to shout: "Glory be to Thee" Glory be to Thee, O Lord my God! And for what reason did my Father filled the air with birds and birds songs on the third day of His Creation, if it wasn't because my very name was fixed on His godly mind? I am the apple of His eye, I am the pleasure of His heart.

And thus, birds swim the air and I am one with them. If not in body, in thoughts, for I am certain I have grown wings in the beauty that surrounds me, as I jog and my soul focuses on this symposium of hope and faith between Creator and creature; this Presence ostensibly infusing new energy into my footsteps, making me whole with each stride. A God bigger than my wildest dreams; bigger than creation itself. And oh, I can see Him... in the morning air which rouses verdant young leafs on trees that smile as I go by.

The spirit of the Lord moves in the atmosphere; a sweet breeze upon my mornings. "I am the only Lord; I still reign upon the throne"—I jog and I hear His voice. Certainly, our world has not been abandoned to fate. God is in complete control. As in heaven, so on earth.

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