Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 20, 2013

It has been cold and windy for days and weeks. Wind has its own song to sing and it would not depart until the last note has been sung. Hence, I've been patiently waiting. Waiting for the thrill and wonder of silence, and the stillness which follows the departure of gusty winds and blustery weather. Nonetheless, I've been working in the garden incessantly; which to me it simply is the essence of bliss and a joyful life, and total wellbeing.

And what delight it brings to my soul the stanza sung by the sun... the earth has been awaken by golden sunshine, tree branches are heavy with joyful buds, tulips are embellishing the earth; which in turn, it has been dressing itself in supple greens, and velvety splendor... like a joyful magical carpet.

I am free; free in spirit. This is the deep, abiding peace between my heart and my Creator, and it cannot be taken away.

I've dug up a new flower bed, and planted a Climbing Orchid Masterpiece rose there. I've also bought an Iceberg floribunda rose and planted it in the Golden Unicorn garden, or the rotunda where roses are queens, along with the delphiniums and peonies.

I have discovered two new peony bushes growing in the rotunda this year... like magic, they have risen up and swelled. I'm learning that as a garden matures plants will reseed themselves. When the seeds ripen the seed pod explodes, sending its seed in all directions. Many plants are sown by seed which has been eaten and excreted by birds. Trees can grow unexpectedly where squirrels have buried nuts and forgotten them.  But there are yet other times when plants would simply arise from the grown in a supernatural way; plants and flowers that you had not planted or otherwise would have never grown, if it wasn't because they're simply gifts; flowers and jewels of the earth gifted to you by the Creator of every life. 

And what does it matter if this "gifts" emerge where they were not suppose to, or grow where you hadn't anticipated it if they're always in the right place? Always little blessings like stars scattered all over the land.

I like to call these flowers "heavenly surprises"—little gifts from my Heavenly Father... I'm always so thankful for such precious gifts.

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