Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 16, 2013

"Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame" (Song of Solomon 8:6).

Pristine sapphire skies, sunshine on my face; dancing in a circle of sunbeams—I stand in the middle of the earth... is it easy to fly to fly without moving? Ah, it must be you, Spring, knocking on my soul's inner doors.

Love... my little heart is bursting with love. Love is in the air; it dances above the fields, it flutters about the garden; it dashes in and out...

Love; every single warm, beautiful, generously giving light on our fair planet shining directly in my face. You can taste it, drink it; soothing—like some mysterious and miraculous substance... love, love is everywhere...!

Tulips are wearing elaborate creations of gowns in glorious colors for the upcoming ceremony of flowers... you can see their crowned heads waking up from their slumber; out of their hiding places, as they are summoned out by warm light and bird songs...

I've been working in the garden for hours every day now; working with the earth, freely from the heart, breathing the air from my own Paradise's peak. I’ve been wild with joy in my yet somewhat sleepy garden; stirring slowly under the ground; slowly waking up. And I... completed and embalmed in a sacred sisterhood with the earth; sharing this awesome world with all the voices of the Universe.

Life. Life is as strong as death. And I can feel it and see it stirring beneath my feet. Life cannot be contained or restrained. It is a magical thing. Mysterious and magical, as everything that cometh from the hands of God is. It is miraculous. And the garden is its receptacle. It is the vessel where life and death become a resurrection and a promise; an act of conception, beginning, impetus, genesis. A miracle performed in the name of love in the most grand sense of the word.

I am speechless.  I can only stand before Thee in total humbleness and devotion.

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  1. Dear Cielo,

    I often think of the job God gave Adam and Eve in the Garden Of Eden. They were to plant and work in the garden. I often think of this when I pull a weed and smell a most wonderful, herbal scent, and know that the perfume of the earth was given for our enjoyment by the wonderful creator. Every weed and flower and grass blade and the smell of different soils are to be a pleasure to us because we were created to work in the soil. We are descendants of the first humans, and they were created to subdue the earth, plant and reap the rewards of their hard work... And have babies!!!

    Sincerely, Eve