Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1, 2013

MAYBE... maybe I'm from another world, or maybe I have been influenced by aliens for a very long time and I just didn't know it... Or perhaps, I'm just living in a dream where somehow, my soul is connect to a soul containing divine mysteries—to Eve, and her lost Paradise?

Whatever it is, whatever name it has, I feel it. In every place and in every time. Passed onto me from umbilical cord to umbilical cord since the beginning of all beginnings—this hunger; this yearning... a deep desire for the unspoiled paradise of humanity’s beginning... a longing for a life unmarred and unending.
It is normal—this longing we sometimes feel inside. Within us there is this ache for Eden, a pristine paradise where mankind and nature live in perfect harmony, because... well, we just don't.

But who said life was going to be easy? In fact, most of the time life is too complicated, it isn't always perfect, and it doesn't always go the way you wish it would, but there is also good in life every day too.

Often, during my day, I have to remind myself to spend less time thinking of the problems I'm facing and more time thinking of the possibilities. This is sometimes a hard thing to do, or achieve, but we must try to fill our heart, mind and soul with feelings of love, optimism, and gratitude.

Thus, I am trying to mend myself and restore the balance in my life that somehow had been lost this past month... trying to get back into tune with acceptance of oneself and trying to bring all my discarded and forgotten parts into the whole.  Hard to do, but I must embrace what is truly important and let go of the rest.... focus and count my blessings and make the most of whatever comes my way...

There's one thing which gives radiance to everything in my life... it is the idea of a loving personal God bigger than all my problems... 

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