Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

Small thick flakes started showering us late last evening. It snowed all night and in the morning the landscape was a fair-haired maiden; covered in white in its entirety. It is an enchanted world out there. Every tree and every branch is wearing new frocks embellished with twinkling stars. Bushes and old roses were gifted too with earrings and necklaces made out of icicles and gems in the purest of white. Birds are everywhere; twirling and whirling with a renewed happiness almost tangible to the eye—like little children playing outside on a snowy day. Do they get to make their own snowmen in their bird’s world?

And thus, for just a moment in time the hushed voices of silence were lifted up and the garden opened up again to bird songs and imagination and dreams and innocent joys.

I could hear Elinor’s song being sung by the Northern fairies: “Let us walk in the white snow, in a soundless space; with footsteps quiet and slow, at a tranquil pace, under veils of white lace.”

When I came back home this evening, every drop of snow had melted away… rivers of water poured forth from above and below cleaning the skies, cleaning the earth… and thus, the wheel of time is turning.

This afternoon, at the office, when I looked outside my window as I always do around that time when shadows starts gathering up themselves, I didn’t see the slant of green light over the tired fields across our building… it is the kind of light we get to see during our winters. It is a different light—greenish with gray undertones. It is a sad light. But today, at exactly 4:18pm, I saw only blue against the last remnants of white, and the light was promising; it carried within itself a faint intonation of spring... could it be? Could it be that things are starting to change, or is it just the figment of my imagination?

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