Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013

How astonishing, and fascinating, the Natural World is. And how capricious in its own right. It's been so very cold around here. We're hitting the 1-digit degrees in the early morning, and nights are long, and dark and chilly. The sun hasn't come out in days, if not weeks, and a blanket of snow covers the land. Yet, with the cold front arrived the robins. Aren't these little creatures supposed to be the 'harbingers' of spring? Too early in the year to arrive. But they have. Hundreds, if not thousands of robins arrived in large flocks before the year's end.

I love these little creatures. Love birds, but the American Robin... ah. They look more like wanderers than true migrants to me. And I like to think of them as acrobats and ballerinas of some gypsy circus. I laugh imagining wearing fanciful circus suits and midnight black textures and dreamy dressed and petticoats and lotus tops as they perform daring acts on the ground, under the shrubs, in the trees and roofs... a feast for your imagination for sure!

What is nature telling us, or what are the birds foreseeing that we humans cannot see, or understand? Where do the birds go to when they disappear from our view, and who brings them back, or command them to go here or there and then to appear out of nowhere in flocks of orange feathers and mystic songs? I'm truly are in total awe with birds.

And then, something real marvelous is happening. Days are lengthening! Ever so slowly they're lengthening, but they are. How amazing and wonderful this is to me! I am so anxious for bird songs, and crocuses and light and lovely mornings and warm evenings...

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