Saturday, October 6, 2012

October 6, 2012

The early autumnal days have brought with them the northern breezes; crisp breezes swirling about in the rare scents of nostalgia; whispering songs from another world in my mind.  Yet, as the garden slowly falls sleep, the roses are still putting on their best show. Their brilliant splash of color the last hurrah before the grey, cold winter sets in.

It amazes me—this persistence in Nature, this endurance and ability to sustain over time... Nature have so much to teach us. And then, this morning, all of a sudden a strange and amusing remembrance brought to my brain by the roses. And I was taken back in time to a long ago yesterday and a story that inwardly set my heart on a dream… a dream that one day gave fruition to this garden that I so dearly love today. 

And so there I was, again a young girl of about 13, and there was the old preacher that one day came to our church, and in his sermon he mentioned glorious pink roses growing outside his bedroom window. He mentioned how much he treasured this window veiled in sweet fragrance… and every morning, of every day this old preacher would wake up and approach his favorite window expecting to find God bend over his roses, inhaling their sweet perfume.

This sweet vision stayed with me throughout my teenage years, and it accompanied me later on to college days and the day I met my husband to be... And as we dated, this image of God smelling the roses would arise in my mind from time to time filling my heart with the purest of delight.  And thus, I dreamed and knew that one day I would marry this man and I'd have a little house with a window swathed in roses—a stopping place where God, in route to every corner of the world would pause to just smell my roses.

It took a while for my dream to get fulfilled, but one day it finally happened; just as I had imagined. One thing I didn’t anticipated, however. For who would have imagined that my expectations were to be exceeded far more than I’d ever dreamed of? Certainly, I’d dreamed of a window enveloped in roses, but God gave me not one, but every window of my house covered in roses—pink, yellow, red, white… roses to soothe the eye and charm the spirit.

When I open my windows today, I too expect to see God wondering my garden as He smells my roses. My heart overflows with joy, for I don’t doubt this for a minute. It is true—I might not find God sniffing the rose scented air in my garden, but His presence in me and around me is in no doubt as real as the morning. It is a joy indescribable…

I like how A.W. Tozer puts it in his book, “The Pursuit of God”: “The moment the Spirit has quickened us to life in regeneration our whole being senses its kinship to God and leaps up in joyful recognition”.

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  1. I do read here... I enjoy your way with words. But to comment that, all the time, over and over, seems silly.

    But it's also not-nice to come, read, enjoy, and just go away...

    Perhaps in the future, I will just comment... "Auntie" was here. :-)