Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4, 2012

I hadn’t walk much this week, and this afternoon, upon deciding whether to venture out again I suddenly found myself wrapped in an air of bitter-sweet happiness—astounded, at how quickly Nature seems to dress, undress and redress itself again and again out of its season-woven garbs. For how different things looked from just a few days ago. Crisp breezes were blowing leaves this way and that; robbing the trees of their glory and sending them whirling to the ground; whirling in mid air, like mystical ballerinas of a hunted season, and there were wilted bushes and pots of sleepy summer flowers everywhere.

Warm and sunny yesterdays of late September are gone and, here we are, riding the last magical days of the season before the dull grayness of winter envelop us for long time. And it feels a bit shocking—all this brilliancy of tinted leaves and nippy winds, which can only convey that another summer has come and gone; forever put to rest into the coffer of remembrances.

And the magical tree—how happy it seems to be today under the spell of autumn and the river of leaves fading into bright yellows and old browns. To my utter surprise, I found out that the joyful meeting place of birds it really is not the tree I thought it was, but instead, it’s the less attractive one beside it from where all the ruckus and merriment of birds transpire. And how fascinating this is; for isn’t it sometimes life like that too? We look for the best things in those which have been blessed the more, only to find out that our expectations have failed us again.

For whatever reason, I'm never one to decorate much for this season. Perhaps it's because it always feels so short-lived, a brief interlude at summer's end, which I desperate try to retain, if I could, in the palms of my hand a little longer. But Nature is inexorably, and the signals of the impending arrival of winter are unequivocal, and unstoppable. In any event, I have already decorated the only part of the house I usually adjust to seasons: The dining room. And thus, I have changed the curtains to match the color of leaves outside and have brought in a little bit of autumn indoors with the autumnal ceramic fruits. Beyond what’s on the tabletop, I’m letting Mother Nature do the prettying up outside.

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  1. I love to note the Changing of the Seasons!

    As always, your words are enchanting...