Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11, 2012

Another birthday sets upon my life… and how wonderful, as time goes by and I grow older, the discovery of one’s truest self. For I have noticed with great amazement, that as I grow older I’m less interested in what men think, and woman represents only a mirror where to rediscover myself; and a door to speculation and pondering of the soul and fascinating philosophy on the meaning of life and nothing more.

I have found a safe refuge within myself. And how marvelous this new freedom is to me; to follow my own inner compass and be liberated of unnecessary dogmas and the punishment of people's thinking. How remarkable we humans are, and perplex; and how very fascinating this burning in my soul for the celestial; which, it too, grows with age and has make me forget the unimportant and shed unnecessary burdens, which I have been willingly carrying with me throughout my life; needlessly and pointlessly weighting me down. Burdens and most uncomfortable positions that has nothing to do with the spirit. And what are these things to the soul? What good does it do to be preoccupied by looks, or age, on what clothes us on the outside, or what the world may think of us? How wonderful this new freedom of the soul; and how it has liberated me.

It is alright to be yourself, it is alright to grow older if you’re growing in grace, it is alright to look up when everyone is looking down… for rather than taking light from others, I shall let my own light be a mirror to others.


  1. " follow my own inner compass and be liberated of unnecessary dogmas and the punishment of people's thinking."

    What a beautiful statement...

    We can get weary of all those things, pushed on us, by others. So cease this form of being weary. Follow our own star. With a smile on our face and joy in our heart.

    Gentle hugs,

  2. Cielo, I think you are growing immeasurably younger...both in spirit and in body..... I want this freedom of which you speak! Happy birthday to my wonderful friend!