Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 18, 2012

September days are delicious… I wish I could capture the magic of these September days in the palms of my hands and forevermore retain them there. And then, in the garden—all senses are aroused. The feel in the air, the subtle scent of autumn so magnificent, the splendor of twilight and magic lingering in the atmosphere… the sound of the wind and the taste of homemade apple tart and hot chocolate in the porch...

The roses are about to put out one last show, and they're brimming with buds and healthy green leaves. This evening, after I got home from work I pruned the last of the summer flowers—the Black-eyed Susan and the last of the Shasta daisies to give way to the autumn glories and all the mums that brought so much joy last year and were suffocated by the tall grasses and exuberance of the summer flowers.

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