Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012

I'm here, in the garden, thinking about another garden... a garden outside this world.  How precious God's promises are.

It is true that sadness and all the terrible darkness that comes with it are inevitable parts of our heritage, but this terrible darkness is not irrevocable... we have been giving amazing promises; promises of love and eternal life, health, joy and happiness in a new world where soon one day all of our most treasured dreams will come true.

This contemplation excites me; it’s an exhilarating thought—the promised new earth. And as I stand here caressing this tired old world with my eyes and feeling its warm womb with my feet, I can envision what would be to walk in the New Jerusalem. What it would be to walk with Jesus—the friend, the Father, the Savior, to walk by Him and be with Him and have Him over for a special lunch al fresco, in a garden that I’m sure will supersede in beauty in every possible way.

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