Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012

A sudden change in temperature has brought a somewhat bitter chilliness to our valley. But the garden loves the change, and it is bright and cheery following the cooler temperatures.  And there's this feeling of repose and quietness to it in the opaque evenings, and as the brightness of August recedes, I see it shifting from the rather dusty and dry late summer garden, back to the lush and graceful garden of June. Brilliant green leaves have covered rose bushes that only in July were doing so poorly, and they're overflowing with new buds ready to open for a last final feat.

Last night, a bright yellow moon hung over the deep indigo sky. Enchanting—the moon and the feeling of magic it bestows; filling the air as it does with whispers and echoes, and the intuition of the unknown.

The enthralling call of night creatures initiated the revelry. Moonlight soothing each corners; hunting the spirit as it shined upon the sleepy garden... and this intimate and purest of desire of becoming part of it, of becoming one—with the moon and the night and the entities of the Throne.

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