Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

There’s a delicious nippiness hanging from the fingertips of the morning’s air, and the skies posses that crispy-blue tint typical of the autumnal days. Except perhaps, for this, and for the vagueness of the music of the wind-chimes in the evening garden, there are no real noticeable signs of autumn yet. But seasons are not to be perceived without first being sensed. One must feel things in order to really live them. And thus, I feel the changes and see the wheel of time shifting; already breathing the upcoming. Autumn is certainly here.

Walking during my breaks in the narrow streets of the old town is a magical thing too, with the old oaks and tuliptrees embracing into a tight canopy above my head, as I walk being gifted with offerings of acorns and leaves by these silent gentle giants; as if gladly welcoming me into their territory, like a queen entering her domains.

These are enchanting days, as so are the songs gifted by birds in that particular tree; which I don’t recognize the name—always bursting with birds; birds of every kind twirling the morning away. How they seem to love that tree and the tree so benevolent towards them. And there are all those little cottages under the giant maples; small cottages, big cottages; all porting the same exquisiteness and coziness.

And then, in my own garden, the air smells like sugar cane and is sweet with the faint scents of vanilla fragrance of the honeysuckle and butterfly bushes. I like to imagine these whiffs of perfume mingling; dancing like ethereal ballerinas under the evening sky. How precious and happy they seem to be.

Rose petals are everywhere. Garden fairies made head garlands with them. And I want to greet everyone who I come in contact with, and want them happy and healthy and as delighted with life as I am feeling.

Living in the Spirit has certainly opened my eyes and heart to a dimension hardly experienced by human. I walk with the knowledge that I am never alone.

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