Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20, 2010

I had always wanted a New Dawn rose, and this Mother’s Day my wish has come true. Not one, but two gorgeous New Dawn roses where gifted as a Mother’s Day present. One of them has been planted at the feet of a new arbor on the west of the house, out-looking the kitchen window.  I can already envision lovely soft pink curtains of roses swishing outside my window under the warm afternoon breezes. 
The gladiolus bulbs I planted earlier this year are already showing their happy heads, and so is the agapanthus, and my new French Lace rose with its gorgeous pink roses is already putting up a show of its own...  If one would be given a garden to match the soul of the gardener, mine would definitely be a cottage garden...
I find the cottage garden seductive, even mysterious and complicated at times, I love its welcoming and cozy personality and spirit egged on and let loose... free to grow and to confer the best of it.  Aren’t we humans supposed to be something of the sorts, too?  Free to do good; free to bring beauty to the world and joy to those around us.
And how much I love the mixture of many layers of shiny emerald and silver green leaves with splashes of roses and lilies and snapdragons, and I like to think that all the roots are joyfully mingling together underground, like siblings in a large family, and that down there, underground, where no one could see is warm and cozy and it feels like a dear house you cannot be away from it for too long. 

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