Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17, 2011

The last drop of sunshine flickering through branches being swept by autumnal breezes found its way to my kitchen window last evening. It burst in a sudden twinkling on the glass of my kitchen window and like a gem touched by sun, it blinked and flickered all around me… like a pot of gold; like delightful wee stars playing on my hair and on walls and floors… it was truly an enchanted moment.

I should’ve known it was Nature gently calling my attention. I had this distinctively feeling that something extraordinary was about to take place in the garden, but too distracted to pay attention, I disregarded every sign.

That’s when I heard it—the ruckus behind my back, then the hard “thump” “thump” sound of raptor-prey against my kitchen window. When I turned to look I was amazed at what a saw—like a flash before my eyes; a commotion of wings the color orange and gray and the impressive figure of a bird swooping off the ground; sharp talons carrying off its prey.

I knew the Red-tailed Hawks had arrived; I’d seen them come—a pair of them a week ago. They announced themselves with their usual wailing call; an enchanting “kih-kih-kih” song that seemed to stretch throughout the garden in some dark menacing way. I was bewitched by them and had been eagerly waiting for this moment… And to think that I almost missed all the magic!

This incident reminded me of my need to be more mindful to my surrounding; to open my eyes and see; really see and appreciate life as it unfolds around me. Life is but a succession of fleeting moments; moments that may be telling us something significant, yet so often they would pass by gone forever into eternity without us noticing.

Birds have so much to teach me… let my life be a metaphor of birds; fly the skies of life directing which way I should go; see life around me, under me and above me as it transpires and still be able to enjoy each moment.

It’s so easy to sink in a low level view—stress, fear, hopelessness, anger, frustration; the low level view confiscates hope and faith and it inhibits our ability to see, much like birds, the big picture in the plot of life.

A bird’s view—I want to grasp the core meaning of life and still be able to maintain the ability to go deep enough to catch details needed; deep enough into the life of those I love; reach out to others; identify.

Try to raise your sight and you will understand more and give a different sense to life, as it happens.

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