Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9, 2012

We woke up to a lovely sunny morning and a 44 degree temperature, which to me, is more than I can ask for…

There’s no point in pretending I enjoy spring cleaning the garden. It is a hard task, indeed. Cleaning up fallen branches and debris is not an enjoyable job, and there are dead annuals plants that remained over winter. And my perennials are looking pretty ugly. I don’t prune back my perennials in the fall; perennial actually prefer to be left standing through the winter, for extra protection. My shrubby plants with woody stems, such the buddleia need to be cut back, because they only bloom on new branches and all my roses need to be pruned up. Then comes the mulching and fertilizing and the diving and transplanting part of the deal… hard, but as spring sets in my spirit revives, the wait have been long enough…

A sense of warmth is tapping at my door. Now, I start living my life here—in my favorite place on earth!

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