Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 9, 2011

Sometimes, my spirit yearns for freedom,
to become whole,
it craves solitude and light,
yearning to breathe free,
the moment still.

I feel the pull of forces taking me back in time,
into a never-lived eternity…
soaring like a bird above the clouds,
harking through the spaces between the worlds
I search for the Things That Are…

Sometimes my soul walks deeply into the forest alone
dappled light barely penetrating the leaves of the tree,
I see visions of angels in the mist
and hear the sound of music from days of old.

What miracle is this that I see and hear?
My footsteps quickened to chase the mist,
somewhere from deep within the spirit
and majesty of each single tree,
I step forth and at once I find myself
transported to a world of light...

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