Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7, 2012

Roses in the bedroom

The layers of ruffly petals, the palest of pinks; the luscious of purples and the purest of white and absolutely glorious scent. It's no secret I love roses...

The Royal Amethyst is blooming profusely right now and I cut a vase full and thought they would look marvelous in our bedroom... Purple roses gathered up and set on an old tarnished silver tray... inspiring, and simply beautiful.

The scent wafting in the bedroom's atmosphere is truly heavenly; it is the purest and truest scent of a rose. It reminds me of pretty ladies swathe in puffy dresses and antique talcum powders and elegant boudoirs and fancy parlors of some gone by era...

And then there are the white roses on my dining table... the purest of color; protected in a petal-tight cocoon; pale and lovely—archetypes of saints and purity and happy brides.

I just love them roses

Love them all.

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