Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012

Suspended about all things
Turning spinning whirling
In wings of angels in clouds so white imagination ignite

The breadth of view; words beyond describe,
Glimmering stars in hair strung
Moon dust in eyelashes glimmer

Ghost moon
Shimmering imp
In reverie warp, to find liberation from limits

Rising above blunder
From the River of Existential Despair
(Hanging from my fingernails)
Tackling Pluto,
Striding the edge of Ceres
From Despair to Hope

In distant galaxies flying away
The stars so low
Most move outside the orbit—inertia.
Restlessness breathe in buoyancy
Feelings of empowerment, hope, peace peace peace…
The possibility of voyage
A gateway to freedom from self;
Reconstruction possible?
Unbound; boundless…

Lord of hope, I believe… help my incredulity.

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