Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 20, 2011

So I’m in the garden. And there’s a cold wind sweeping over the old roses, nature basks in the ices of Old December, but something larger than myself had pulled me out here… I needed to be here.

Daylight is but fleeting moments these days. I find this most distressing to the spirit. By mid-afternoon the special slant of grayish yellowish light that comes only this time of year would settler over the tall grasses that grow along the old buildings across my office. As they take on a deeper amber hue I’m reminded that the day is almost over. It is a race against time then; a race against darkness, because I yearn to be in the garden; feel it, live in it; be delimited by it; and I know I wont be fulfilling that need for yet another day. It is hard leaving home when it’s dark and returning to it when it’s already dark.

Birds are fugitives of the landscape as well. Maybe they prefer to stay wrapped up indoors… wherever that might be? Bird feeders and food stations are brimming with all sorts of special goodness, but I haven’t seen a bird in weeks, and I have started to believe that maybe the menacing figure of an imposing wooden owl that I so love, because it gives such a sense of peace and mystic to the winter garden, might have something to do with such tragic occurrence; for I do miss my little friends.

If one thing I love about winter is the magic of birds; old and new feathered friends gathering in the center of the sleepy garden as it slowly awakes from the slumber of a wintry day with their joyful twirling… Birds are such happy little souls… and I so miss them!

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