Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2, 2011

I am draw to mutation; like a chameleon. My soul fluctuates with the changing of seasons. I have the tendency to get very literal and serious in the winter. Somehow my frame of mind does change. I’m more solemn in the winter than in any other time of year; incline to the somber if you may, less frivolous perhaps… daydreaming go as cold as the weather would go and you’d hear me talking nonsense-like death and funeral songs hanging from trees… I guess it has to do with the chill in the air—it plays trick with my moods…

If there is one thing I really miss in the winter time is my summer silliness—the natural childishness that springs forth when warm weather appears and the sun is out and balmy summer breezes would wrap you up in a magical spiral of butterflies and dreams and joy… when warm sunlight goes straight through my heart and deep into my soul… it’s absolutely delicious.

My philosophy is that it's okay to grow old, but don't ever grow up completely. Having a bit of the 'inner child' is a good thing. You can keep a light and happy perspective on things. Old of body, but always young of mind—I like to maintain the balance... it's a nice place, and I share it with every creature in my garden…

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