Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 19, 2012

They said we were bound for some rain. Sunday, in the garden, I smelled it—rain. Miles away before it came pouring down I smelled it. The scent of wet, sweet soil vapors so evocative of the sultry fields of my childhood, and mom bringing in the fresh laundry as it dried on the line. And it smelled of wet dust and bark, leaves, needles and the garden’s floor sweet with all the fresh smells of magical delightful rain. Yet, we never did get rain on Sunday.

Perhaps, was I traveling through time to some rainy past, or a yet to come rainy moment?

I marvel at these things, and the power of our thoughts and intuitions. And there are times when I like to think that maybe… just maybe, there is another me in another universe? The theory of a “quantum universes” or parallel dimensions surely appeals to the fantasist.

And thus, there I was, sitting in my withered August garden on a hot Sunday afternoon experiencing the freshness and magic of a rain than never happened… rain pouring down on me; perhaps in another time, at another dimension?

And it still hasn’t rain. We so need rain.

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