Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 18, 2012

Saturday in the garden—magic took hold of my body and soul. The sky was bathed in sapphires blue and the garden of scents, and the border on the North side against the bedroom window of roses; perfect dark pink roses and snapdragons at their feet swaying in the breezes in a most splendid arrangement of colors; each of them lovely and perfect, and all day, and every hour of every minute I rejoiced in what I saw and what surrounded me; in total perfection.

I wish I didn’t have to go to work, so that I shall not miss one of these wonders, and have leisure really to live. Wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up every morning and just be able to do what you want, be able to come here and have breakfast out here, in the garden, with all the chirping and twittering of birds and the sun softly warming your face and shoulders; without a single care in the world, no clocks, no schedules to meet, not a thought of people—most disagreeable of people Whose idiosyncrasies you must endure and comply with as a matter of survival; no instructions to follow, no files to file, and then, picking up daisies in the afternoon when some magical spell transpires and swirls around you and the garden seems to have befallen asleep, and there’s not a displeasing sound or view to stir your soul, and you are in the perfect companion of silence and flowers and green grasses and dreams.

In the evenings, at dusk, you collect your dreams and throw wishes to the last sun for another day of blessings, and at night choruses of night creatures to lull you with songs enchanted. Take pleasure in every season; every drop of rain and swirl of snow, every mutation and renewal of the garden enjoyed to the core. And live it in the body—not having to live these things through imagery—as if lockup in a cell, from an office at work.

I am never tire of the blessed liberty from all restraints, and wish I could be free to simply be the free spirited soul that I am. It is clear that I was born for the placid country life, and never the office… but how can one be saved from duty—the duties of life. It is a most frustrating thing.

Oh I wish… I wish.

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